Policy and Decision Science is my consulting company, located in Menlo Park, California.

I often work with on project teams organized by a engineering company in charge of a large public works project. My role is to design and help implement a decision process in which engineers, external stakeholders, lawyers and regulators work their collective way through multiple competing options in an efficient, democratic and cooperative manner.

I will design an analytical framework that's useful all around including the measurement techniques which can be used to accommodate relevant models, data, and professional or lay judgment of various qualities. Often these processes lead to a group "opinion survey", a combined technical-policy document which summarizes stakeholder perspectives. I often facilitate meetings but also work with others who dedicate themselves to that role. On smaller projects I'll do everything from running spreadsheets to creating flip charts and ordering lunch.

My methods combine the analytical techniques of multiple values decision analysis with the approaches developed in the last two decades through the public participation movement.

I have collaborated on many projects with Carollo Engineers which specializes in the planning and building of water treatment and wastewater facilities all over the western United States.