Instream flow decisions

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Newer:: Review of Alex Bandy, Chocolate and Chess (Unlocking Lakatos) Philosophy of the Social Sciences (download)
Indistinguishable from Magic: Computation is Cognitive Technology Minds and Machines (download)

Risk: A Very Short Introduction ,
with Baruch Fischhoff (June 2011).

Older:: Positional Notation & Linguistic Recursion Journal of Indian Philosophy (download)
Review of János Kornai, By Force of Thought Journal of the History of Economic Thought (download)
Review of Alain Badiou, Number and Numbers Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (download)

  From Comparative Risk to Decision Analysis Risk 1995 (download 2mb)
  Instream Flow Decisions (with Steve Railsback) River Applications and Research 2005 (download)
  Varieties of Risk Representation Journal of Social Philosophy 1997 (download2mb)
  Fish protection and the Clean Water Act (Power Point download)
  Environmental Impact Reports and Decision Analysis (PowerPoint download)
  Influence diagram modeling and civilization collapse.
  Prescriptive decision analysis (Power Point download)
  Memorial to Paul Feyerabend Inquiry 1995 (download)
  Reflections on the Legacy of Kurt Godel Philosophical Forum 1989 (download)
  Dialectic and Diagonalization. Inquiry 1991 (download)
  Review of Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science (download)
  The Mathematical Present as History (download 2mb)
  The Extraterritoriality of Imre Lakatos in G. Marcus (ed.) Paranoia Within Reason (download)
  Power Point presentation on Imre Lakatos (download)

BOOK: Imre Lakatos and the Guises of Reason